Ahmadi Muslims urged to pray at home during PM Modi’s Corona Virus Lockdown

India’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has endorsed PM Modi’s “Janta Curfew” and requested its members to offer special prayers within the confines of their homes. The special prayers will be offered within their homes at 5PM on March 22nd. The community has also requested members to follow Government orders and offer the five daily prayers at home instead of the local Mosques.

Speaking to the press, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community spokesman Mr. K Tarique Ahmad said:

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jammat has closed all its educational Institutions till 31st March 2020 and offices of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat will also remain closed on March 22nd.

He further added that Qadian’s Ahmadis will also offer special prayers at 5 PM in their homes and will pray for the safety of all.

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