Murder of mankind, pregnant woman pleading for treatment, death of newborn

 On the one hand, there has been an outcry in the whole world due to Corona virus and  People all over the world are asking for blessings before God to get out of this wrath. But there are some people on this earth who have nothing to do with humanity. Money is everything for them. Due to the ban of curfew imposed to prevent the spread of corona, a case has come up in the Qadian where humanity has been killed. In this regard, a social worker of Qadian District Gurdaspur,  Ms Neetu Khosla told that last night she met with a young couple in trouble. Seated on  the  road when he inquired after going near them, Rekha wife Rajan resident of Bahadurpur Rajoa told that she was pregnant. The woman told Neetu that she was invited by a doctor working in the government hospital at Harchowal to her private hospital for treatment and was first admitted to a private hospital but due to lack of money, drip was removed and was asked to leave the hospital, they sat down to spend the night on the road.

At which Neetu Khosla accompanied the pregnant woman in her car to the private hospital and urged the hospital’s management to open the door and start treatment and also told them she will bear all the expenses, but the hospital staff did not open the door. At which she reached the local police station and with the help of the police, she was taken to another private hospital but as soon as the pregnant woman reached the steps of the hospital, her health deteriorated and there she gave birth to the child. who in a few moments  died on the steps of the hospital . In this regard, Rajan’s brother Sunny Kumar said that his sister in law was being treated by the lady doctor at the government hospital Harchowal. The victim’s family called the lady doctor when the health was worsened,  to which the lady doctor asked them to come to her private hospital. At when they reached the private hospital located in his Qadian at night.The doctor dripped the pregnant woman. And they were told that 20 to  25 thousand rupees  will be charged for patient treatment. Therefore, he should deposit 15 thousand rupees in advance.

Rekha’s husband Rajan Masih told the hospital’s management that he is unable to pay 15 thousand rupees on the spot, he has only five thousand rupees now. He will go home in the morning and will pay rest of amount tomorrow. But hospital refused for treatment without demanded amount.  when SMO Ranjit Singh of Government Hospital Harchowal was talked about, he said that such a case has not come to his attention yet. He told that yesterday the lady doctor was on leave. If she talked about getting treatment in her private hospital and had not treated the patient for the sake of money, then it is very bad. Patient  should have been referred to the Government Hospital Batala or Gurdaspur instead of sending her private hospital in the absence of a doctor. He also said that I am not taking the side of the doctor. The patient should bring this thing into my notice. He further said that if he gets any written complaint regarding this matter, then he will take action against the said lady doctor. On the other hand, Neetu Khosla has said that Noor Hospital Qadian has given a break today after treating a pregnant woman. He said that the doctors said that if the treatment was started on time, the child could have been saved. she has demanded the administration to take legal action against the lady doctor of the Government Hospital , Harchowal.

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