People of the world can be saved only by eliminating all kinds of prejudice

The Corona virus (Covid-19), detected in December in the hospital of Wuhan City, in China and was diagnosed in December as a deadly disease that has taken over approximately 90 percent of the world’s countries. In view of its danger, Italy had closed its borders for China, which, after being put on a mask by a Chinese man, standing with a plaque on which he had written that he is not a virus  and a human being so he should not be prejudiced after that the mayor of Florence city became the part of his  foolish campaign and asked his men to embrace Chinese.

Even he himself embraced the Chinese person to show his wisdom, the result of which is the suffering of today’s Italians, where more than 5446 people have died and more than 35,000 have been infected with the Corona virus. About 90 percent of the world’s countries are facing the music because of the smallest mistake of China and Italy today. If the suggestion of the doctor of that hospital of china  had exposed about the epidemic disease, the whole world would have been aware of this disease and these circumstances  would not have been seen today.

The disease has spread to every country through a series of human beings, whereas for the last three months doctors from superpower countries have been involved in finding the treatment of this disease, but no country has been successful in it till now. To avoid this, citizens around the world are being encouraged to stay in their homes so that the chain of disease can be broken because it is capable of capturing millions of people, At this moment of difficulty, there is only one solution for the leaders of all religions, castes, society, political institutions, that they too should stay in their homes and pray to God, because when it is not possible for human to control, Then only a supernatural power can get rid of this pestilence. Through the electronic channels and social media, people are being made aware of the devastation caused by the disease, yet the youth of the country are not taking it seriously and they will be known in history as the destroyers of the country. , Because they feel that the disease has not just come to them in such a large population, but it’s not that the disease is for a particular person, it’s for the whole living world. It Is for every person who thinks of himself as omnipotent, defying the dictates of government and administration. The disease can spread to hundreds of people who come in contact with it through one person, and Prime Minister Narinder Modi has appealed to people to stay in their homes through. However, people did not refrain from coming out of the houses, leading to the complete lock-down of the Chief Ministers of different states of the country which led to people staying in their homes all day without any tills. Police are strictly following the government’s orders so that the disease can be dealt with. It is much less than lives that, once gone out of hand, will never come back. Our family is much larger than our lives, but knowing that in such situations we should not accidentally make a mistake that could put our lives at stake. Therefore, it is very important that we should follow the instructions of the government and imprison ourselves in our homes for a few days and save lives for ourselves and our people and to rise above any discrimination and politics as possible. Support the government to rise. We can travel around the city, countries if we are living in this world but if we are not, then the beauty of this world is not worthwhile for us, so if we want to see the world, we have to protect ourselves. All citizens of the country should unite and commend the police’s stance on dealing with this problem and should not curse them for it. In such a difficult situation, legislators, ministers and other leaders should also assist those in their areas who have not been able to work for a long time due to curfew; and bread is not being cooked in their homes.  This the  real opportunity for them to show their love and respect for people, they should not miss it and try to help the people by not confining themselves to social media.

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