Warning of District Collector to those who do not supply home delivery by acquiring passes Passes will be canceled and legal action will also be taken

Today, the District Magistrate, while speaking to journalists in Qadian, said that he has given the authority to spend 15 thousand rupees per day to each  executive officers to deal with the emergency situation .This has been done only to provide relief in the initial stages. He said that as the days go by, people’s suffering will increase. The district administration has also collected the money and the assistance from the Punjab government will be given in a  day or two . He said that 300 metric ton wheat has been sent to the mills and flour packets will be prepared and supply will be started to the people soon. Through the journalists, he has warned those medical store owners that the store owners whom the administration has issued curfew passes for home delivery of medicines and if they are not delivering medicines to the houses, then they will have to face the music. Except cancellation of passes, he will also take legal action against them. He said that the black marketing of medicines will not be entertained and the action will be taken against those too. He further said that in view of the complaints of shortage in the drug stores, he has spoken to the Punjab Secretary to get the stock released from Amritsar and Zirakpur. 5 to 6  lakh has been made available for medicines to Red cross centre and  four vans  are going to the short-sighted places to supply medicine and will go every day. On the other hand, tripat Rajinder singh Bajwa said that he is donating 1 lakh rupees in Fatehgarh churiyan and Rs. 50000 for qadian, Which will be used to help the people.

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