Ration distributed in Qadian

The slogan of Jai Hind and Jai Bharat is meaningful for those who live abroad and think about their country and citizens of the country. One such example we found in Qadian when Harshit Khosla, a 19-year-old young boy who had gone to the US only 1 year ago, sent assistance for effected families due to Lock Down through his family living in Qadian. Even though America itself is in the grip of Corona Virus but the Indians living there understand their responsibility towards their country. The  father Dr. Rajesh Kumar and mother Babita, have given 40 bags  with 9 items in which  1 bag full of 5 kg sugar, 5 kg rice, 1 kg oil, packet of soap, paste, tea, pulses etc . Giving information on this occasion, Babita Khosla, the mother of the youth Harshit Khosla said that its national problem so everyone should be ahead without any kind of prejudice to help the economically weaker people. There should not be any kind of discrimination of politics, religion and caste while distributing help to the needy one then only the purpose of social service can be accomplished and the country could be saved. She further said that people are daily wage laborers are not sitting unemployed today and are looking towards NGOs administration and government, so it becomes the duty of every citizen to help the citizens of India.

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