Despite Prime Minister Narinder Modi’s instructions, Bajaj Finance Company officials are pressuring consumers to pay installments

On the one hand, where the Prime Minister of the country under covid-19, to provide relief to the countrymen, all kinds of loan installments of up to three months were facilitated to be repaid. On the other hand, private companies are seen harassing the people by flouting the orders of the Prime Minister Narinder Modi and the rules of the RBI. Under this series, Rajbir Kaur, wife of Sharanjit singh, a resident of Arjunpura, said that she had bought something from the market some time back and got her loan from Bajaj Finance Company.

She said that her husband works in Dubai and he came to India last December. She further said that he had to go back at the end of March when the lockdown took place due to which he has been at home for the last six months. He informed that Prime Minister Narinder Modi, realizing the danger of covid-19, had issued instructions to all banks and private companies not to take installments for three months. But an official of Bajaj Finance calls him every day and threatens her that he will come home and pick up the luggage and will disturb him to pay the installments. When she talks about the instructions of Prime Minister, she asks him for an application form to pay the loan installments later. She further added that these days she does not have money to cover the expenses of the loan, so how can she pay her installments. She said that as soon as the lockdown opens, her husband will go back again and the installments will be paid. But he keeps calling again and again regardless of this. The woman has appealed to the administration to save her from the mental harassment and intimidation being given to her by the Bajaj finance officials and to take appropriate action against those who do not follow the instructions of the Prime Minister of the country. When Collection Agent Saurabh was spoken to in this regard, he said that he follows the instructions given to him by Collection Manager Amrit Ghai. When Amrit Ghai, the collection manager of Bajaj Finance, was spoken to in this regard, he said that the rules of the central government apply to their company too but he has to follow the instructions of his superiors. What they say is done.

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