Nurse Maninder kaurs says that it is our duty to save the people of our country

Thousands of government employees of the country are offering their services to deal with the terrible tragedy of Kovid-19, but most of all  Nurses have been have been seen sincerely putting their lives in danger by  treating patients of covid-19  as they are posted in the wards. Even though we cannot ignore the role of the doctors, but nurses stay with the patients for hours and check them periodically. And responsible to check and provide the patients medicine time to time. Where the families of covid-19 patients refuse to accept their dead bodies even after their deaths, the nurses treat  them selflessly without  without caring for their lives.

Nurse Manindra Kaur, posted in Qadian, who has been serving among the covid patients in Gurdaspur for the last one-and-half months, was talked to on the occasion of Nursing Day, especially to highlight the lives of the nurses. She told that she has been performing her duty as a nurse for the last nearly 27 years and she had never seen this type situation in her entire life as she has been noticing since March 23. She told that both her kids are studying in Canada and in 2010 her husband Sukhjinderpal singh had died, since then she suffered a lot to nourish her children. She  told that she lives alone in the house and when she comes back home after spending the whole day among covid’s patients, there is no one to take care of her. Only her children call her from abroad and give her instruction daily to keep herself safe and take precautions, even though she tries to keep herself safe more than they thought, but they ask the same question  by calling her every night. she is asked whether you are following rules to protect yourself. On reaching home, these days most people in the village avoid coming to her house and meeting her, sometimes she feels as if she is not treating the sick patients but she herself is a patient of untouchable disease. She said that for the last 48 days she has been obeying her duty in the ward of patients of  Covid-19 in Gurdaspur , which has 42 patients undergoing treatment. She told that during these 48 days. She told that but because disaster has come on the country and it is our duty to save the people of our country by standing in the front line to face these critical circumstances, feeling pride in serving  covid-19 patients without being worried  towards her health. She told that she keeps moving forward without any distinction. She told that she have to take care of her land to in both the seasons of paddy and wheat. Sometimes she herself feels upset in her solitude. But believing in God and for the sake of her children, she is moving forward in her life.

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