The Hindu organizations, who were furious on the song Mera Ki Kasur sung by Ranjit Bawa, demanded FIR against him

Taking strong note of the song sung by Ranjit bawa MERA KI KASOOR ,various Hindu organizations in the city have demanded action against Ranjit Bawa to inflame religious sentiments. In this regard, various Hindu leaders including President  Joginderpal Bhutto handed over a written complaint in Qadian police station demanding strict action against Ranjit Bawa, after that informing the press he said  that religion is adorable and respect should be given to every religion  , action should be taken against those who make objectionable comments on any religion. Dr. Ajay Kumar Chhabra said that Hinduism is an ancient religion and various Hindu deities are associated with the sentiments of the Hindus of the country, it is heartening to erroneously comment about Shivalinga, Gomutra and Janeu in his song. He has demanded the administration to file a case against the said singer under sections 295A. Similarly, Dr. Kamaljyoti, a member of the BJP’s Punjab Executive, has also demanded action against Ranjit Bawa for instigating religious sentiments. Senior BJP leader Kashmir Singh Rajput said that we should remember our culture and rituals . He said that Sikh religion has many sacrifices for Sanatan religion. He said that Sikh is a cult .He said that the Hindu Sikhs have been like brothers from the very beginning and will remain. But some mischievous elements like Ranjit Bawa who insult different religions in his song and later make it viral on all social sites. Then send an apology video to dilute his mistake, but that too not on his page, send person so that his mistake should not got viral on social media. But the mistake made by him is known to the entire society, on the hand his apology is known to few only. The tweet did  on the twitter is also removed by him. He said that Ranjit Bawa is deliberately doing mischief and action should be taken against him according to the law so that no other singer can dare to do so in future. He said that if action is not done as per law, then he will intensify this struggle even further. He was accompanied by Vishwa Gaurav, Bharat Vikas Parishad member Lakhbir Singh, BJP Mandal President Joginderpal Bhutto, Amit Mahajan, Gulshan Kumar, Ashwini Verma, Garjeet Kumar, Gaurav Khosla, Aman Bhanot, Dr. Pradeep Kumar, Hanni Singh, Aman Bhanot, Dimple Bhanot, Shruti Bhanot, Deepak Bhanot etc. were present.

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