BJP SC Morcha president Raj Kumar Atwal was honored on reaching Qadian

A special meeting of the SC Morcha was organized in the office of Pradhan Joginderpal Nandu at the local Valmik Mohalla under the chairmanship of BJP District President Parminder Gill, In which Rajkumar Atwal, president of SC Morcha Punjab was specially present to address. On this occasion, he was welcomed by BJP workers including Block President Jogindrapal Bhutto, General Secretary Ashwani Verma, Joginderpal Nandu, wearing flowers garlands. Addressing the occasion, Punjab CM of SC Morcha Raj Kumar Atwal said that it is the BJP led by Prime Minister Narinder Modi where Dalits are given full respect, other parties always use them like vote bank. On election days, they confuse our Dalit society for 10-15 days and get the votes of the Dalit society, but later on we are not asked for anything for the whole 5 years.

He said that such parties should  not be entertained in the elections to be held in 2022 and all the seats in the district should be in favor of BJP. He said that the BJP has honored the Dalits by making Bhagat Chuni Lal, Vijay Sampla, and Somprakash  ministers. While the Congress party has always used Dalits for votes. BJP’s District President Parminder Gill said that the government led by Prime Minister Narinder Modi has left its mark all over the world and even today, the Prime Minister has taken concrete steps to protect his countrymen. He told that in the last six years, many historical decisions have been taken by the Prime Minister, which has changed the future of India. Breaking Article 370, giving permission to buy land in Jammu and Kashmir, historic decision to build Ram temple, real estate prices that were touching the sky, are in the common man’s reach. The On this occasion, he was accompanied by IT Cell President Amit Kumar, Bhayumon President Gurjit Kumar, Gulshan Verma Vice President, Navneet Vij Mandal President Dhariwal, Neetu Khosla, Sanjeev Menon, Sandeep Bhagat, Kamaljeet Chawla Mahantri Gurdaspur, Ajmal Christ, Rajesh Kumar, Rohit Nahar Etc. were present.

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