Qadian post office failed to implement the administration guidelines given to protect against corona virus

The Postal Department of Qadian seems to be failing to implement the instructions issued by the District administration regarding the rescue of covid-19. Today a large number of people were seen inside the local post office.

People were seen standing very close to each other instead of making a fixed distance. Most of the people were from nearby villages who had come for their post office related works. It was the job of the post office officials to implement the guidelines related to the corona virus to the people who came to the post office premises. But due to their mismanagement, there was a lot of chaos in the area, while there was a lot of negligence of the post office administration. Due to heavy rush of the people door of the inner premises of the post office was also closed and social distancing was far away from this office. When the Post Master was tried to contact him on the phone to know the aspect of the Qadia in this regard, he could not be contacted. On the other hand, the local police have also appealed to the people to wear masks and keep a prescribed distance in shops. Today, the police have also fined the people who have not followed the orders given by the administration  to protect the people from the corona virus. Police is doing laudable work to save people from the covid-19

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