Sarpanch Jasbir congratulated to Pratap Bajwa

Sarpanch Jasbir Singh of village Khan Malak congratulated MP Pratap Singh Bajwa on becoming a member of Rajya Sabha Chief Panel and thanked him for timely payment to farmers of Punjab as a result of special efforts made by him. He said that Pratap Singh Bajwa, known as the Congress party’s dynamic personality , has been striving for the welfare and development of the people of Punjab for a long time. He said that even though Congress is the ruling Party in Punjab,  as for as  the interests of the general public are concerned, he has always raised  voice for them. He said that by writing a letter to the Prime Minister india and Chief Minister of Punjab he has always revealed the grievances of the common man, and it can be done only by well-known leaders like Pratap Singh Bajwa. He said that if anyone can think about the well being of the interests of the farmers and traders of Punjab in the future, it is Pratap Singh Bajwa. He has also appealed to the general public that they should support educated, honest, noble and dynamic leader like Pratap Singh to shine their future.

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