The Pakistani fiance appealed to the Indo-Pakistani government to open the border for marriage

While the whole world has been affected due to coronavirus, marriages between people of India and Pakistan have also been greatly affected. At present in Pakistan, the marriage of young women of two Hindu families, which is to take place in Punjab, has been stopped due to the closure of India-Pakistan border due to coronavirus.

Samaila (35) of Pakistan, a resident of Johanabad, Lahore, has stated that her engagement has taken place in 2015 with Kamal Kalyan son of Om Prakash Madhuban Colony, Raj Nagar, Jalandhar. She further said that Om Prakash seems to be her uncle in the relationship. His family was called to Lahore at his brother’s wedding. However, he could not get married due to lack of visa from Pakistan. But since then, the interactions between the two families have increased. Samayala said that she and Kamal Kalyan used to talk to each other . gradually they came close to each other and fell in love . Both of them expressed their love for each other to their family members and talked about getting married ,which was immediately confirmed by both the families recognizing their love. They intended to get married in March. On which Kamal’s father Om Prakash had prepared the entire family of Samayala to prepare sponsorship documents for Vico of India which had to be sent to Pakistan but due to lockdown and curfew it has not been sent to Pakistan yet. Samaila has appealed to the Prime Minister Narinder Modi,

Home Minister Amit Shah and External Affairs Minister Jai Shankar through indian media to issue instructions to the Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan to issue Indian visas to Pakistani Hindu girls who are to be married in India. Samayala has said that her family is very worried about her marriage. She has younger sisters. They also have to have relationships. But due to Samaila’s marriage being stalled, their relationship has also been stalled. That is why she wants their marriage to happen soon so that the rest of her sisters’ relationships can happen on time. On the other hand, Kamal Kalyan and her parents have also appealed to the Government of India to grant Indian visa to Samayala and her family. Similarly, in another case, the relationship of Amit, a young man living in Sri Hargobindpur, with Suman, a resident of Karachi, has been settled. Now Amit son of Ramesh, a resident of Hargobindpur, has to go to Pakistan with his family. But due to the outbreak of coronavirus, marriages between people of  India and Pakistan have been stopped. Due to which the people of both the countries are worried about when the outbreak of coronavirus will be less and life will be back on track. On the other hand, Chaudhry Maqbool Ahmed of Qadian who was married to Tahira Maqbool, a resident of Faisalabad in December 2003 after the restoration of Indo-Pak relations in Pakistan and at that time the couple came into the limelight after the marriage was discussed all over the world. Many of these couples who got married in India and Pakistan had contacted him. A year ago, Kiran and her husband Parvindra Singh, who lives in Sialkot, Pakistan, contacted him and asked for help to get an Indian visa. With the help of whom, Chaudhry Maqbool Ahmed had given help in getting rid of all kinds of troubles. Earlier, he had helped more than half a dozen Pakistani girls who got married in India. Samayala of Lahore and Sumun of Karachi have also now sought his help to get a visa from India for their marriage. On the one hand, some fundamentalist forces in the country are engaged in inciting against each other in the name of Hindu-Muslim for the sake of their own interests, while in the country, a unique example of Hindu-Muslim love can be seen in Qadian. Maqbool Ahmed has said that he feels proud to serve people from all walks of life without any religious discrimination.

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