Three bullet riders looted Rs 25,000 from a trader in Qadian

Last night, some masked robbers attacked with weapons, seriously injured a trader and his friend  and looted Rs 25,000. Giving information in this regard, trader Mani Mahajan, a resident of Mohalla Akalgarh, said that he runs a grocery shop and also supplies goods to the villages. On Saturday evening, he was returning home with a friend Kamalpreet Singh after collecting money from a village when three youths on a bullet-ridden motorcycle picked up stones from the road and attacked them when they reached ITI. They put the motorcycle in front of his Scooty . As soon as they stopped, the masked youths started snatching money from Mani. When Mani stopped them from stealing money, they picked heavy stones from the road and started throwing stones on their  head, on which both the youths lost consciousness a. In a state of unconsciousness, they were rushed to the Civil Hospital by a young man named Lovely, where doctors have prepared  their MLR and informed the police. Mani Mahajan has stated in his written complaint to the police that he recognizes one of the three youths and can identify the other two when approached. He has demanded the police to arrest and interrogate the identified youth.

When Parminder Singh, in-charge of the police station, was spoken to in this regard, he said that the identity of the young man Mani Mahajan is revealing belongs to his locality and they live together. There was a quarrel due to the case of abusing each other and there is no case of robbery.

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