Komal, a student of SN Collegiate School, outshined her parents name

Komal Chhabra, who got 91.5 marks in the local SN Collegiate school and made the name of the college and parents bright, she said that her goal in life is to become an IAS and remove the evils of the society. Komal said that her inspiration is his father who has always done his best to serve the society and the needy. She said that the aim of reaching the best place in life should not be to earn money but to contribute towards the formulation of new policies with one’s visionary thinking and lead the country towards a better future. Dr. Harpreet Singh Hundal, Principal, of Collegiate School, congratulated Komal and her parents for this achievement and wished her a better future ahead. Expressing happiness, Komal’s father Dr. Ajay Kumar Chhabra and mother Sonia Chhabra said that they are proud of their daughter and they will do their best to fulfill her dream of becoming an IAS. Dr chhabra said that the society needs good officers and he salutes the officers who serve the society with full devotion and sincerity.

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