OBCs should get 27 percent reservation in the state instead of 10 on the lines of the center

BJP’s OBC category will play an important role in the 2022 elections and will take to the air the BJP’s flag in the state, said BJP state president Rajendra Bitta during a press conference in Qadian. BJP general secretary Ashwani Verma was also present with him on the occasion. He said that 31 per cent of the population in the state belongs to the OBC category. He said that it is unfortunate that state is not implementing the decisions of center of 27 per cent reservation given to OBCs at the Center but in the state it is limited to only 10 per cent. He said that the state governments should also increase the percentage of reservation keeping in view the decisions of the Center. He informed that 74 castes in the entire country come under OBC due to which there is an important part of the said category among the voters across the country. If you look in any constituency, most of the voters are from OBC class. He said that there should be provision of special reservation for OBC category in future elections so that they too can find a leader representing them in the Legislative Assembly and can easily convey their demands to the Chief Minister. He further said that by giving various kinds of temptations,the future of their children is taken away from the voters which they do not even know. If they had someone to put their demands in the assembly, they would have got 27 per cent reservation in the state today instead of 10 and their children would not have been deprived of jobs. He appealed to the people to be well aware of their rights and duties so that no leader would tamper with their feelings by making false promises and bring forward faces who live up to the expectations of the common man and for the development of the country. He added that a number of schemes have been launched for the OBC society by the Central Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narinder Modi. He said that BJP led by Punjab President Ashwani Sharma was working in the public interest during the corona epidemic. Ashwani Verma, General Secretary of BJP block Qadian was also present with him on this occasion.

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