Despite the efforts of the administration of cleanliness, garbage is being placed outside the garbage boxes

In order to get rid of viral diseases, dumps have been constructed by the district administration for wet and dry garbage everywhere in the city, but the unfortunate thing is that neither an employee is taking it seriously nor people Considering the responsibility, the garbage takes care of throwing dry and wet garbage in the garbage

bins made by the administration, the upside down garbage is littered with dirt, teasing the efforts of the government on the side of the road. Due to which the passers-by have to cover their mouth due to the stench. It is worth mentioning that there are some residential plots near the boxes which have been constructed for dry and wet garbage, due to which the people have also complained in writing to the higher authorities. Giving information in this regard, the passer-by Satish Gupta said that if the garbage is to be thrown out, then why after spending so much money, this building has been built to increase the problems of the people around it? He says that the administration should make dumps at such places where there is no residential area, but nobody care the rules . At the same time, Ankush Verma, who walks in the nearby ground, said that due to this dump of litter, when the wind blows, the dirty stench spreads all around, due to which the traveling people have to cover their mouths. He said that where so much money has been spent by the administration, the employees should also be instructed to use it properly so that they can throw dry and wet garbage in separate. The administration should immediately take this matter seriously and make proper arrangements.

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