Students are being taught schools with full caution

on the instructions of Punjab government the students of 9th to 12thare being allowed to come to school after the agreement of the parents.There is a lot of seriousness towards the health of students in schools.

Under the same series, Principal Praveen sharma  of the Government Senior Secondary School of the nearby village kishankot is standing near the school gate and checking the temperature of each of his students so that there is no irregularity of any kind. On this occasion, Chairman amarinder singh cheema and principal parveen sharma   said that according to departmental instructions, students are being allowed to enter the school only after agreeing in writing from the parents of each student. He said that no student is being barred for attendance. There is a lot of enthusiasm among students for learning in school from their teachers. He said that even though the number of students in the school is low in the beginning phase, gradually it will be increased as the parents would know about the caution in the schools and the hard work done by the teachers. He said that every student has been asked to come wearing mask. Students who do not have masks are getting masks from the school itself, not only this, sanitizers have also been provided in the school to clean the hands of the students so that the students and teachers can clean their hands again and again. They said that the students should take utmost care in their schools so that this terrible epidemic could be conquered. Their staff was also present on this occasion.

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