Uncontrolled tractor hit the power box, the 8 years old child narrowly escaped

Today a major accident in the city was averted when the uncontrolled tractor crashed into the electrical box on the side of the road and the supply of all the meters in the

electric box was interrupted. Giving information in this regard, Kasturi Lal son of  Pyara Lal told that he was working on his bicycle shop that a tractor with a cutter behind it from the bus stand came straight towards his shop in an uncontrolled state. He said that the said tractor pushed his eight-year-old grandson, Rajat away, and an old man sitting at his shop jumped from there and saved his life. The tractor stopped colliding with the front wall, dismantling the meter box. Kasturi Lal said that if there were no walls in front, many lives could have been lost. He said that due to the said tractor, he has born the loss of 35 thousand. After this incident, the driver of the tractor escaped from the spot. ASI Surjeet Singh reached the spot on receiving the information of the incident and investigation has been started.When in this regard, SDO Malkit Singh Sandhu of the Electricity Board asked he told that he had sent his JE Sunil Kumar on the spot, where he found boxes were broken which are being fixed and the interrupted power supply is being smoothed.

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