Excelsior Public celebrated World population Day

Excelsior Senior Secondary School Qadian Road Batala celebrated the World population day. In July 11th every year is World Population Day. This event has been celebrated for almost three decades and the aim is to focus the world’s attention on the importance of population issues. On this day ,Our Educators presented a short play and expressed their deep concern and care for the healthy growth and safety of the human race. They showcased the consequences of the population explosion that included food and water shortage, war and social conflict and depletion of natural resources. They highlighted the issues caused due to overpopulation, and spread awareness about how overpopulation may hinder the environment and  development. The day also talks about family planning, poverty, gender equality, maternal health, and human rights, and also the health issues faced by childbearing women. India is the second-largest population in the world after China, and considering the current days of the Covid-19 pandemic, handling such a huge population became havoc during the second wave of the pandemic. The rate of fatalities increased in the country. Hence, now its time to take strict measures for controlling population explosion not only of the country but at a global level too .Its an awakening call !!

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