All parties’ silence on the killings of minorities in Kashmir is deplorable – Rajput

 In response to the killing of a teacher and school principal in broad daylight in Kashmir, senior BJP leader Kashmir Singh Rajput, while expressing condolences to the family of the deceased, stated that this murder is not only the murder of minorities but a murder of humanity. He said terrorists in Kashmir are shooting innocents after inquiring their faith. however, in india when such religious zealots are pointed out, we are labelled communal and enemies of mankind. Jihadi education, which is being taught in some madrassas and are sending children to kill people by training them to be suicide bombers, is not religious, but such education is the enemy of humanity. Shri Rajput stated that to protect India from such anti-humanitarian incidents, the Government of India has enacted the NRC Act in the country. He stated You can’t just walk into someone’s house without identification, and you have to present your identity to stay in a hotel or a hospice, so what’s the problem with doing the same in India? Shri Rajput said that all of the party leaders are rushing towards UP and Delhi in the hopes of gaining votes. They also mention providing compensation to farmers. However, their silence on the Kashmir incident is disgraceful now. He further stated that the principal who was assassinated by terrorists used to provide free education to all students regardless of religion and spent a big portion of her salary on the youngsters, It’s unfortunate that no political leader has spoken out about the death of such a teacher.

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